About me and this adventure

Hello there dear reader! I’m Eri or Erica and I wish to embark on an adventure, to learn the art of writing essays. On this adventure, I will show you essays that I’ve written and I will detail my journey, to master this genre.

But why?

The essay is an easy genre to learn, but it is a difficult genre to master. It is difficult to formulate your thoughts into something interesting and thought-provoking. I find that many times, people end up just word vomiting, which I mean fair play to ya, that is technically an essay, but it’s not fun or interesting to read. Therefore I would like to take you on a journey where we learn how to write essays and other forms of literature together!

Who am I?

Who am I? Well, my name is Erica and I love literature, essays and video essays. I have only written a few essays in the past, but I talk to myself a lot in my head, so I believe I am more than qualified to talk on the subject (just kidding i have no idea what im doing or talking about).

I have a lot of experience with media creation though. I have made many videos on youtube, reaching over 200 subscribers and a few thousand views, though many of my videos are unlisted. I have also streamed on Twitch, reaching over 100 followers and becoming an affiliate. And this blog is now my new project!

What can I expect from this blog?

This blog is gonna be about essays but also other types of literature! I will be publishing essays here and also discussing the genre. I will also be willing to publish you guys’ essays and pieces of literature! I will of course give credit, and I can also review the essay and give valuable feedback.

“Talking aloud to oneself is usually indicative of a mental malady. Self-talk is also the stock in trade of an essay writer.”

― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

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